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Dan Liu’s article has been accepted by Biosensors and Bioelectronics

2017-04-28 10:20:39


we present a fully integrated, instrument-free, low-cost and portable POC platform which integrates the process of ELISA and the distance readout into a single microfluidic chip. Based on manipulations using a permanent magnet, the process is initiated by moving magnetic beads with capture antibody through different aqueous phases containing ELISA reagents to form bead/antibody/antigen/antibody sandwich structure, and finally converts the molecular recognition signal into a highly sensitive distance readout for visual quantitative bioanalysis. Without additional equipment and complicated operations, our integrated ELISA-Chip with distance readout allows ultrasensitive quantitation of disease biomarkers within 2 hr. The ELISA-Chip method also showed high specificity, good precision and great accuracy. Furthermore, the ELISA-Chip system is highly applicable as a sandwich-based platform for the detection of a variety of protein biomarkers. With the advantages of visual analysis, easy operation, high sensitivity, and low cost, the integrated sample-in-answer-out ELISA-Chip with distance readout shows great potential for quantitative POCT in resource-limited settings.