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Dan Liu's review has been accepted by Analyst

2018-02-16 07:57:00

Gas-generation based measurement is an attractive alternative approach for POC (Point-of-care) testing that relies on the amounts of generated gas for corresponding target concentrations. In the gas-generation based POC testing, the integration of a target recognition component and a catalyzed gas-generation reaction initiated by the target introduction can lead to tremendous amplified signals, which can be highly sensitive measured by distance readout or simple hand-held devices. More importantly, many gas-generation reactions are environmental friendly since products such as oxygen and nitrogen are nontoxic and scentless, making gas-generation based POC testing safe and secure for inexperienced staff. Researchers have demonstrated that gas-generation based measurements enabled rapid and highly sensitive POC detection of a variety of analytes. In this review, we focus on recent developments of gas-generation based POC testing systems.Common types of gas-generation reactions are firstly listed, and the translation of gas signals to different signal readouts for POC testing are then summarized, including distance readouts and hand-held devices. Moreover, we introduce gas bubbles as actuators to power microfluidic devices. We finally provide the applications and future prospective of gas-generation based POC testing system.