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Jiao Cao's paper accepted by Nat Biotechnol

2024-04-07 11:16:22

Spatial transcriptomics technologies with high resolution often lack high sensitivity in mRNA detection. Here we report a dendrimeric DNA coordinate barcoding design for spatial RNA sequencing (Decoder-seq), which offers both high sensitivity and high resolution. Decoder-seq combines dendrimeric nanosubstrates with microfluidic coordinate barcoding to generate spatial arrays with a DNA density approximately ten times higher than previously reported methods while maintaining flexibility in resolution. We show that the high RNA capture efficiency of Decoder-seq improved the detection of lowly expressed olfactory receptor (Olfr) genes in mouse olfactory bulbs and contributed to the discovery of a unique layer enrichment pattern for two Olfr genes. The near-cellular resolution provided by Decoder-seq has enabled the construction of a spatial single-cell atlas of the mouse hippocampus, revealing dendrite-enriched mRNAs in neurons. When applying Decoder-seq to human renal cell carcinomas, we dissected the heterogeneous tumor microenvironment across different cancer subtypes and identified spatial gradient-expressed genes related to epithelial–mesenchymal transition with the potential to predict tumor prognosis and progression.

Fig. 1